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The Holt Bed and Breakfast
DCP_1689 CIMG0243 KE1L7390 Roll 91 - 17 CIMG0263
The Holt woods in spring
The 'Rose Garden' in early summer
The Holt Garden in Summer
© Christophe Courtois 2005
The Holt garden in late summer
The meadow in summer at The Holt
CIMG0416 CIMG0048 CIMG0118 KE1L7395 CIMG0513
Chickens off to lay their breakfast eggs at The Holt
The Holt woods in winter
The Holt garden in winter
Breakfast at The Holt
© Christophe Courtois 2005
The Bull Benenden
IMG_0016 CIMG0518 CIMG0534 CIMG0274 Roll 97 - 2
Lunchtime at The Bull
'Rush hour' at Baldwins General Stores, Benenden
The Village Shop, Benenden
Buying breakfast at Ward's
Commuter traffic in Benenden
CIMG0512 IMG_0006 IMG_0002
A local takes the firms 'car' out to get his haircut
One of the village's 3 phone boxes
A local apple orchard in late summer

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